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AC Maintenance Checklist: What to Do to Prepare for Summer



AC Maintenance Checklist: What to Do to Prepare for Summer

As the summer season sets in, it’s essential to ensure that your AC unit is in top condition to handle the rising temperatures. Regular AC Maintenance not only improves efficiency but also extends the lifespan of your unit, saving you from unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. In this guide, we’ll provide you with an extensive AC  care checklist to help you prepare for the summer heat and keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the season.


1.  Clean or Replace Air Filters:

Start by checking and cleaning or changing the air filters. Clogged filters restrict airflow, reducing the efficiency of your AC system and increasing energy consumption. Clean filters improve air quality and help your system run smoothly.


2.  Check Thermostat Settings:

Verify that your thermostat settings are accurate and set to the desired temperature for comfort. Consider upgrading to a smart thermostat for improved energy management and customized cooling schedules.


3.  Inspect and Clean Evaporator and Condenser Coils:

Inspect the evaporator and condenser coils for dirt and debris buildup. Clean these coils as needed to ensure optimal heat transfer and efficient cooling performance.


4.  Clear Debris Around Outdoor Unit:

Remove any leaves, debris, or vegetation around the outdoor unit (condenser) to prevent airflow obstruction. Ensure there is at least two feet of clearance around the unit for proper ventilation.


5.  Check Refrigerant Levels:

Inspect refrigerant levels and look for any signs of leaks. Low refrigerant levels can indicate a leak or a problem with the system, which a professional technician should address.


6.  Test Capacitors and Contactors:

Test capacitors and contactors for proper functioning. Faulty capacitors or contactors can lead to compressor issues and system failures. Replace any damaged components as necessary.


7.  Lubricate Moving Parts:

Lubricate moving parts such as motors and fan blades to reduce friction and wear. Proper lubrication ensures smooth operation and extends the lifespan of these components.


8.  Check and Clean Condensate Drain Line:

Inspect the condensate drain line to identify blockages or clogs. A blocked drain line can cause water damage and mold growth. Clean the line using a mixture of bleach and water to prevent buildup.


9.  Inspect Ductwork for Leaks:

Check ductwork for any signs of leaks or damage. Leaky ducts can waste energy and reduce cooling efficiency. Seal duct leaks to improve system performance.


10.  Test System Operation:

Turn on your AC system and test its operation. Ensure that air is flowing evenly throughout your home and that the system is cooling effectively. Monitor for any unusual noises or odors, which may indicate underlying issues.


Regular AC maintenance is essential for optimal performance and energy efficiency, especially as summer approaches. By following this comprehensive AC care checklist, you can ensure that your air conditioning system is prepared to keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the hottest months of the year. Don’t wait until there’s a problem—schedule routine maintenance and address any issues promptly to enjoy a worry-free summer with reliable cooling.

Stay cool all summer long! Schedule professional AC maintenance today with our experts at Sun Up Services. Ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and a comfortable home environment. Contact us now at (727) 522-2288 for any clarification!