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What Can Void Your HVAC Unit’s Warranty?



What Can Void Your HVAC Unit’s Warranty?

Your HVAC system is one of the most expensive investments in your home, so you’ll want to ensure that a comprehensive warranty backs it. With a valid warranty, you won’t have to pay considerable labor and material costs if your equipment has problems.

However, warranties are usually subject to terms and conditions. Your warranty’s validity can be affected by how you use and maintain your HVAC system. Here are some common mistakes to avoid to ensure your HVAC warranty remains valid.

What Voids Your HVAC warranty

  • Failure to register your equipment. Manufacturers usually have a registration deadline. Once installed, It is crucial to register your HVAC equipment to ensure your warranty remains valid. It’s probably the first thing you should do after installation. If you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself, ask your technician for assistance. At Sun Up Services we provide this service for all of our new system installs free of charge!
  • Improper HVAC installation. Poor HVAC installation can also lead to many problems with your system, including equipment failure. For HVAC services, only hire licensed contractors and qualified technicians. This will help your system avoid premature failure and save on costly repairs.
  • Failure to perform regular maintenance. Routine maintenance prolongs your system’s life expectancy, keeps it in top shape, and improves your equipment’s performance. In addition, incorrect maintenance can cause HVAC warranties to lapse. For any commercial and residential HVAC repair and service needs, hire a licensed contractor.
  • Hiring an inexperienced contractor. If your system isn’t installed by an experienced professional, your warranty could be voided. Always do your research and check reviews from customers before hiring a technician. Also, ask for proof that they are licensed. An experienced contractor will significantly impact the efficiency and longevity of your equipment.
  • Using incompatible or mismatched parts. Your HVAC technician should use the correct parts to keep your warranty valid. Installing unauthorized parts or parts made by a third party is not covered by manufacturers, causing HVAC warranties to lose their validity.
  • Failure to document your annual maintenance. It’s always best practice to keep a record of all services performed on your HVAC system. When you need service or repair, the manufacturer might ask for documentation about your HVAC maintenance. They might also request proof that only approved replacement parts were used and that professionals did the repairs.

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